Our Story

Bringing in life the elegance, inspired by the feminity and fragility of women, conveying the years of tradition she learned from her grandmother.

Léa Mariée, the lady with the ‘delicate hands’, known for the love she showed to the fabrics, the respect to the silk, and the uniqueness, she was seeing in each woman.
Each piece was designed as one and only, as each woman is carrying her character.

The essence of freedom, the romantic and idyllic character, that women are desiring on their special day was the stimulus for her… and is provoking for us.

Meet Us

Stephanie, a bridal stylist and a wedding dress trend forecaster who loves engaging with every bride to make the wedding dress shopping experience as fun as possible! She is the proud owner of Neutral Gallery.

Since 2018 visiting the most exciting wedding exhibitions around Europe, Israel, New York. Also attended the NYBFW and some extraordinary shows.

Aziz, a young man with compassion and ingenuity, graduated with a marketing degree. Saw himself interested in pursuing fine arts, thus he began his photography career in 2013. His goal grew along with his love for weddings and wedding fashion and the sense of elegance, which lead to his era of wedding photography in 2017.
He is the proud owner of Azizaltaany photography studio.

Stephanie & Aziz had finally united both of their taste and elegance into establishing their new boutique in the heart of Cyprus. With the difficult circumstances that 2021 brought, their bravery and risk-taking had enabled them to achieve the seemingly impossible.